Acting Out Tweets

This is a little thing known as Acting Out Tweets I did with a fellow by the name of Mark DeBonis: You can check his website out here:

Acting out tweets

The idea is we would take a tweet from a celeb and with in the day make an extremely short video based off of their tweet.

First one: TODD BARRY: “CNN probably doesn’t know that I just took a nap and then another nap.”

Second one: TODD GLASS: “Here I go”

Third one: ROB DELANEY: “Whenever someone says, “You do the math!” I start crying, for I am afraid of math!

Fourth One: Jim Gaffigan: “If you’re going to be happy and outgoing in the morning at least have the decency to kill yourself.”

Fifth One: Brent Butt: “How to green light a political attack ad: GOOFY? check PISSY? check IRRELEVANT? check RHETORICAL QUESTION? check Good to go!!! #cdnpoli

Sixth one: Opie Radio: “You scratched my anchor!”

Seventh one: Paul “Biz Nasty”: “If you are having a bad day just think you could have been born a hotel room towel instead.”

Eighth one: Harley Morenstein: “Better to be cocky than cockless.”

Ninth One: Rory Scovel: “I feel bad for dudes named Toni Braxton”

Tenth One: Tyler The Creator: “Up”

Eleventh One: Chelsea Peretti: “Just saw a homeless guy w a sign that said “Please do my podcast.”

Twelfth one: Jay Baruchel: “The cat has sleep in one of her eyes”

Thirteenth one: Megan Amram: “Just found out that the man I thought was my father was really a George Forman Grill”

Fourteenth One: Mike Birbiglia “I’ve been playing phone tag with the Devil.”

Fifteenth One: Debra DiGiovanni: “The guy beside me just took his jacket off and it is like he threw a cup of body odor in my face.”

Sixteenth one: Julius Sharpe: “You know you’re hungover when you are shitting while wearing sunglasses.”

Seventeenth one: Abe Yospe: “I’d kill for a microwave that plays Europe’s “Final Countdown” during the last 30 seconds.”

Eighteenth One: Alec Baldwin: “OK, I’m back…”

Nineteenth One: Keith Powell: “Trying really hard to be a good human being… but then, there are #hipsters.”

Twentieth One: Tracy Morgan: “Chillin at the Superbowl, couldn’t get Beyonce”

Twenty First One: QOTSA: Our Desert Sessions… a song we called Unique.

Twenty Second One: Judah Friedlander: “I think the moon landing was real. But I think the spaceship launch from earth was faked. #TheAstronautsWereAlreadyThere”

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