Buttwater Is A Legendary Party Trick

Members of the band WOLF FACE introduce me to a wet wild world “BUTTWATER”

Wolf Face

which allowed me to write this article for Vice Magazine.


The video on the Vice Page is off line but(twater) here is the link to the video:

The article explains it all… except for one amazing story which is a ten year prequel to this video…

Which is this:

“It was the funniest moment before Vulture buttwatered on someone.  A friend of ours was moving to California forever. Before he left he was living with his mom for about four days. His mom suggested that he have a farewell get together thing at her house because his mother was gonna be gone for the night. She even bought us some beers.

We show up to the party and we’re there for a few hours. We convince Vulture to do buttwater. We go out to the front yard where the garden hose is. Vulture fills up his asshole with water, and he’s about to spray. We’re all kind of laughing and being louder than we should. It’s late at night in a quiet neighborhood. A window opens up in the house. It’s the mom. She’s been in the house all night long. She I guess laid low and didn’t make her presence known. She says, “Gentleman, can you bring your party back inside?!”

Vulture looks at her and says, “Lady, you don’t want what I got inside your house.”

And then bends over and sprays buttwater at her and on her house.” The party was over immediately after that.

After all this the video was featured on TOSH.0 and people of Florida were very proud!

Thanks to Patrick McGuire from Vice, and be sure to check out https://www.facebook.com/pubesonmyface?ref=br_tf and LIKE WOLF FACE

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