While with the BOOM I had a character called Mike “The Dyke” Skeed.Mike He is a real bad ass metal fan. Tim wrote a sketch called the “NO SHIT PIT!” It was a great format that we could use as a reoccurring sketch. The basic joke is that it’s a talk show where I enter stage rocking to metal, then I have my guest/guests who is/are a genius explain a complex idea within their field of study. While they blabber on, I begin to mosh (like at a metal show) and the moment they finish talking/teaching I yell “No SHIT!” in their face. The sketch ends.

However, in building this character, I figured Mike was a metal fan just wants to get fucked up and learn shit (even though at the end he always yells “No Shit” like the complex idea is common knowlege). The first time we did this I chugged a bottle of “Scope” (The light blue kind) it was a routine that had the crowd disgusted and I like to think mortified. For Example this photo of an audience member running like I’m some kind of Godzilla!

Running in terror

I wanted to up the ante, so it progressed to this… me vomiting on stage, and maybe drinking the puke? Who knows, do I drink the puke? Do I?

Warning: The following was performed by a trained “professional” and should not be reenacted at home, but should be reenacted at your place of employment.

Ha, Des and Eytan’s reactions…

I’d also like to say thank you to Alicia Den Ouden and Joe Diclemente for taping this and then telling me that they had kept this on a hard drive for about 4 years… You guys are the greatest!!

This puke is for you.


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